Oliver O. Fross
617 Grizzly Peak Blvd
Berkeley, CA 94708
(917) 848-0411


An experienced IT professional with over a decade and a half of industry experience who has worked at incubated startups, started and run businesses, worked and managed teams at blue chip companies (Gap, Sony, Intel). Primarily focuing on automation, devops, continuous integration/delivery and large scale system monitoring efforts.

Currently Hacking On:

  • » Adding SPDY or HTTP/2 to side projects
  • » Learning how to run a TLD
  • » fun with test-kitchen, jenkins
  • » Chef Server upgrades, organizations, clients, etc
  • » Centralizing logs (splunk/elasticsearch/graylog)
  • » Scalability both of servers (cloud) and teams (humans). Fine tuning management styles.
  • » Iaas, Paas - whatever that means (cf/empire/mesos/deis/docker/just-get-it-done)
  • » Configuration management on virtualization platforms: Chef, puppet, cfengine. Learning while doing.
  • » Bigdata problems with hadoop, hbase, hdfs, memcached
  • » Monitoring foo with collectd / jcollectd / hyperic / ganglia / graphite / nagios / status.net.
  • » Migrating clients from big expensive J2EE solutions to free (not quite like beer) containers. Saving money.
  • » Migrating clients from fully physical datacenters into cloud / hosted solutions. Saving them money.
  • » CDNs, globally
  • » Levers, pulleys, counterweights, and other simple machines

Work Experience:

Gap, Inc

Director, Infrastructure Architecture


  • » Led technical direction on forward looking technology choices
  • » Initiated cloud services model, created centralized logging service
  • » Continued leadership in chef adoption and design, with server upgrades and standards
  • » Architected CI/CD pipeline for all infrastructure as code changes through git into multiple environments
  • » Akamai ownership: technical implementations (metadata changes for international translations) as well as business management
  • » Kept trying to automate myself out of a job
  • » Keywords: Chef, Jenkins, Openstack, Elastic Search, Graylog, Logstash, Kibana, Akamai

Director, IT


  • » Brought on to disrupt institutional enterprise IT approaches in a 50/50 hands-on/technical management role
  • » Managed and hired a motivated team of full time and contingent automation and monitoring engineers.
  • » Designed and managed team through new datacenter buildouts, and a major insourcing approach
  • » Implemented full-stack automation (chef, vmware, some fun ruby hacks). Reduced provisioning time from 7 weeks to 0.5 hours (can you believe it was 7 weeks before?!)
  • » Designed multi-site redundant automation server topology
  • » Retrofitted over 15,000 devices with monitoring, while adding monitoring (nagios) to the provisioing flow for less human intervention.
  • » Ran the largest nagios install I've ever seen (101,000+ services checks)

OOF Industries, LLC

Unix Consulting


  • » Consultancy to provide world class solutions for business, small and large alike, from the server-closet to the enterprise.
  • » Unix architecture work for clients, spec'ing & purchasing Open Source based datacenter builds.
  • » Unix system administration: OS builds, Tomcat, MySQL, Apache, security hardening, redundant monitoring networks.
  • » Operations Management for Fortune 20 client, focusing on Red Hat Linux, IBM Blade, Apache/WebSphere/Oracle
  • » Designed, implemented and launched full three tier IBM WebSphere solution for Fortune 500 client
  • » Years later, revisited same client for a full rebuild of same stack onto Open Source
  • » M/A due diligence discovery projects for financial institutions
  • » Technology focuses: J2EE Application servers, clusters, capacity analysis & performance tuning
  • » Things that I also can do: Ops, monitoring, third party vendor reviews, outsource X Y or Z

Verizon Business / Totality

Infrastructure Architect


  • » Decision maker for strategic hardware and software choices at top ten online retailer. Individual leadership of operational deployment initiatives as well as technical management and oversight on audit and ongoing projects.
  • » Technical lead on middleware opensource migration. Contributor to in-house centralized deployment/configuration engine solution that vastly decreased deployment cycles in an Agile team. R&D on bigdata solutions.
  • » Low level tuning to shave 10-20% off of page load times. Deep dives with CDN.

Democratic Party / Voter Protection Project

Machine Certification

Fall 2004

  • » Verified & Certified electro/mechanical voting machines in a dozen counties throughout the state of New Mexico in preparation for Presidential Election.
  • » Self-taught expert on AVC Advantage and ELECTronic 1242 voting machines
  • » Corporate IT: Desktop support, Exchange Server, Access Server, Network
  • » All around handyman during 16-18 hour days.

Sony Music, Inc

Web Operations Manager - Sony Music Corproate

2002 - 2004

  • » Led team providing internal & external facing systems exceeding 1,000s of websites and 10s of TB of data
  • » Systems architecture & layout of $20m data center (Sun, EMC, Cisco)
  • » Managed outsourcing of all external systems to Managed Services Provider, controlled costs and interfaced with development teams
  • » Project Planning & Management for major migrations (both cross-data center, and cross-platform)
  • » BEA Weblogic installations, upgrades, sizings, major performance tuning (Weblogic & Sun JVM)
  • » Relaunch & Re-architecture of entire Sony Music Online & Sony Music B2B applications from Kiva (Netscape) to clustered Weblogic configurations
  • » Administered disparate development environments for 8 concurent projects

Senior Unix Sysadmin - Unsurface: A Sony Music Ventures Incubated Startup

2000 - 2002

  • » Designed system and network topologies for redundant, HA Tier 1 digital music locker service
  • » Decided, designed, and deployed Weblogic 5.1 and Clustered 6.0 application server installations.
  • » Installed/tuned Apache for a litany of uses.
  • » Worked with Internet Storage Vendor Scale 8 for massive distributed storage needs.
  • » Installed, backed-up, and maintained Perforce Source control system
  • » Worked with Checkpoint FW1 firewall software to secure local network
  • » Tweaked Analog & Webalizer for both solid and pretty stats to make Engineering as well as Marketing happy
  • » Setup Windows IIS server to provide DRM services for secure musical distribution
  • » Engineered and performed massive audio encoding (WAV/MP3 to WMA) and packaging job entailing over 6,000 albums of content
  • » Designed system for integrating 250,000 albums of content into database, and local storage systems
  • » Setup Foundry Networks switches, load balancers, NetApp Filers, etc.
  • » Managed complete shutdown of company data centers and integrated assets into Corporate Parent

Intel Corporation - Engineering Computing

Systems Engineer

1997 - 2000

  • » UNIX System Administrator: managing heterogeneous enterprise production design environment of 2000+ workstations and fileservers, with 4000+ users, including 24x7 support.
  • » Focused on HP support, including Ignite-UX, Series 700 & 800 class machines, troubleshooting, kernel tweaking, scripting, LVM and more!
  • » Performed many Y2K, network, and OS upgrades for all 2000+ machines.
  • » Worked with large scale NFS servers (Auspex,EMC,HP), AFS (clients & servers), created logical network layout, minimal Cisco switches.
  • » Served as solitary site support for Unix Calendaring solutions.
  • » Lead two technical teams with worldwide membership; produced standard OS builds for company-wide deployment (5000+ HPs).
  • » Demonstrated extra effort & ability by receiving 13 individual awards, 2 divisional awards and 2 promotions in 2 years.
  • » Extensive technical management of new acquisitions and integration process.


Systems Programmer

Summer 1996

  • » Assisted maintaining network of SGI, Macintosh, NT machines, T1 connection, hosting major companies such as Cox Communications.
  • » Authored, designed & programmed web pages using Perl, Javascript, HTML. Clients included BellSouth & MGM.

The Premisys Corporation

Programming Intern

Summer, Winter 1995

  • » With a team, developed Submittal Generator system for Trane Corp using C/C++ and MS Windows 3.1 API.
  • » Wrote forms based data entry application for Submittal Generator.

LaSalle National Bank

Network Analyst

Summer, Winter 1994

  • » Managed 400 user token-ring Novell network running Windows 3.1.
  • » Provided Tech support for workstation and network applications.


  • » Operating Systems: *UNIX*: HP-UX (10,11), NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, SunOS, Solaris, Linux (Redhat, Slackware, etc)
  • » Languages: Shell scripting, C, limited SQL, limited Perl
  • » Software: BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, Jakarta Tomcat, Java, Apache (mod_perl, openssl, mod_rewrite, mod_wl, etc), X-Windows, samba, ssh, sendmail, qmail, postfix, spamassassin, mutt, mailman, zsh,ksh/sh/csh, sed/awk, HTML, HTTP, lvm, oracle, FW-1, bind/named (8&9), analog, webalizer, mysql, /etc
  • » Hardware: 1962 Lincoln, Oxy-Acetylene and ARC welding, all PC, HP (C,J,K,N Classes), Sun, Network Appliance, Auspex, EMC, IBM Blade Centers
  • » Odd Certifications:
    HP: HP-UX Systems Administration
    Foundry Networks: FCNE
    Auspex File Servers: NetServer & NS7000/NS800
    Shells: Random Mention in the Turtle


Emory University 1993-1997

  • » BS in Computer Science (Dean's list)

University of Chicago High School 1989-1993

Other Work Experience & Projects


 Feb 2002 - Current

  • » CFO - Managed all finances for 20 person organization with multiple vendors.
  • » Active, contributing (time & computing work) member of bandwidth/hosting co-operative effort.

SportService, Inc

 Summers 1991-1994

  • » Point-to-Point Sales: Vendor Chicago White Sox / Cubs

References available from any employer upon request